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Deep Ocean

Introduce of Danesh Zist Darya company :

Danesh Zist Darya company commercial brand of Deep Ocean founded in 2015.

This company produced specialist products of marine ecosystems by its skilled forced in sea biology and chemistry fields.

Used technology to produce salt aquariums of salty water is spray drying , first time it has been used in iran and asia.

advantage of this method is being dry and monotonic of product with the highest world standard.

Also , because of making confidence and customers satisfactions , a sample of all made products maintained in storehouse about two years based on produce serial number to deliver to costumer at necessity time.

Used raw materials in all products have high purity  and approval certificate from standard office and food drug administration .

This company have quality control laboratory and analysis appliance of  AAS , HPLC and ICP-MS that show its quality preference than other same products.

Policy of Danesh Zist Darya company :

1- Offer high quality , standard goods with good price.

2 - Deliver goods I the shortest possible time by valid transportation companies across country.

3 - Pursuit of transmitted good receive until delivery time to customer.

4 - Make the best and safe condition for paying expenses.

5 - Full-time accountability against company commitments.