Coral Reef Energy


Coral Reef Energy is concentrated (52000 mg/l) bio available organic Calcium Ion.

Coral Reef Energy is great source of organic molecule for coral reefs and provide calcium ion and energy for Hermatypic and Ahermatypic corals.

Deep Ocean coral reef energy maintains calcium and accelerates coral growth.

 Coral Reef Energy is rapidly absorbed with less physiological work than is required for the absorption of ionic calcium . it self is beneficial as a food source not only to the coral and other invertebrates , but also to denitrifying bacteria , actually promoting the natural anaerobic denitrification process in live rock and other substrate.

* Deep Ocean coral reef energy no impact on KH and free of precipitate of carbonate.

* Free of nitrate and phosphate .

* Free of  harmful chelators.

* For all marine and reef aquariums.


1)Shake before use.

2)Add twice a week (5 ml) of Deep Ocean Coral reef energy per (20US,gal).

3)When use Deep Ocean Coral reef energy turn off the protein skimmer for 20 min.


This product dose not require refrigerated storage.