Coral Reef Pro Salt



Coral Reef Pro Salt is produced based on sampling and exact analyzing from formulated coral reef regions with the newest Europe modern technology. the used technology to produce this salt is spray drying device that for the first time it has been used in Iran and Asia and it leads to production of salt with totally monotonic technology , very high solubility , formulation uniformity and above all being anhydrous and lacking of intermolecular crystal water in final product.

This salt was formulated and processed so that it provide balanced biological level of Calcium , Magnesium and carbonated for calcium corals reef and as a result , growth and prosperity of corals reef and it can supply all needs of this ecosystem animals completely.

Generally water is composed of three elements 1- Macro 2- Micro 3- Trace Elements

Deep Ocean Coral Reef pro Salt can cover each three above elements completely , Because of unique features of this Anhydrous salt and without intermolecular crystal water , salt can be equal with ideal weight and quite similar to sea water. Research has that there is 35 gram salt in each liters of water so that 35 gram of Coral Reef Pro Salt like sea water can produce 1.0255 salinity in 25°C.

Parameters of Coral Reef Pro Salt after adding 35 gram into one liter of water with 25°C:

Salinity (specific weight of water) 35 ppt or 1.0255 - Magnesium 1350 - Calcium 450 - Potassium 390 - Bromide 65 - Strontium 9 - Alkalinity 8-8.5 and pH is 8.2-8.4.

one of the features of Coral Reef Pro Salt can slow this salt produces and without pollution during process , sampling is performing from each three bucket individually and it is checking in AAS and Titrimetry ways to quality control in laboratory ; Also in order to make trust and satisfaction of customers, a sample of salt saw kept in stock company based on serial number from date of produce until it`s deliver to consumers as needed for two years , so it leads to ensure and stability of quality.

* Produced from USP grade raw materials and FCC with confirmation of ministry of Health country.

* produced with very precise and unique formulation for the first time in Iran and Asia.

* With standard and ideal levels of macro , micro and trace elements.

* First Anhydrous salt in Iran and Asia.

* Unique and stable formulation to grow and proliferate Lps , Sps and soft corals.

* Very ideal to Lps , Sps aquariums and propagation reef tank.

* With balanced biological level of calcium , magnesium and carbonate elements.

* Amazing solubility and very fast transparence.

* With monotonic grading.

* Without hidden crystal water that it distinguish Coral Reef Pro Salt from other brands.

* With followed quality control code.


Instead of 30 liters of purified water in reverse osmosis was(R/O) and low TDS with 24-25 degree temperature , one kg of Coral Reef Pro Salt is enough so that salinity get to 1.0255 S.G above parameters.

The solution can be used after 10 to 20 minutes of mixing.

It is suggested that switch regular courses of 10-20 days to 20 percent of aquariums water , it delete unwanted materials such as nitrate and phosphate and also decreasing of tank organic load.


Never pour directly salt into aquarium that has living animals.

Avoid from adding water into salt and add always salt into water, Otherwise it leads to precipitate of insoluble calcium and carbonate and then lack of water transparence.

Avoid from touching Coral Reef Pro Salt by wet hands.