Iron & Manganese


 Iron is essential for aquatic organisms. some corals have iron in their  skeletons at concentrations of exceeding 6 to 500 mg/kg. It is also an essential nutrient  for algae and other plants.

* Manganese is important to photosynthesis and growth of plants including algae and zooxanthellae, and may be important in nitrite reduction.

* Deep Ocean uses extra pure Iron & Manganese ion.

* Deep Ocean Iron & Manganese provides an organic compounded iron which is readily available to both corals as well as macroalgae.

* Deep Ocean Iron & Manganese excellent source of important nutrition for refugiums,ATS systems and culture of algae.

* Deep Ocean Iron & Manganese is beneficial to all photosynthetic invertebrates,coral,plants.

* Deep Ocean Iron & Manganese supplement solution Helps facilitate enzymatic and photosynthetic reactions.

* We suggest targeting the natural seawater concentration of Iron:0.002-0.01 ppm.

* Iron & Manganese is are essential for many bio-chemical metabolic processes, including respiration, production of energy, chlorophyll and photosynthetic catalysts. 

* For all marine aquariums.

* Prevents deficiency symptoms of  Iron & Manganese ion.

* Free of nitrate & phosphate.


1)Shake before use.

2)Add weekly(5 ml) of Deep Ocean Iron & Manganese supplement per(100 US,Gal).

3)When use Iron & manganese supplements turn off the protein skimmer for 20 min.

4)If over dosage of  Iron & manganese elements is suspect, substantial use activated carbon will quickly remove excess Iron & manganese.