Amino Acid Complex


* Proteins are basically composed of  about 50% carbon,16% nitrogen,21.5% oxygen and 6.5% hydrogen.The amino acids and enzymes that build proteins determine the propertiessize, shape, length and chemical activity of the protein.

* Amino acids important in the formation of RNA and DNA. an important part of the citric acid cycle and helpful in removal of ammonia.

* Deep Ocean uses pure grade Amino acids.

* Deep Ocean Amino Acid Complex contains necessary amino acids for coral growing and Replenish amino acid important for corals health.

* Deep Ocean Amino Acid Complex Aids in tissue repair after corals have undergone fragmenting and captive propagation.

* Deep Ocean Amino Acid Complex is excellent source of energy for Sps corals.

* The concentration of amino acids in sea water ranges from 20-250 micro gram per litter and makes up 2-3% of the DOC.

* This supplement will maximize coral growth, color and polyp extension.

* Excellent nutrition for hermatypic corals, coloration and boosting zooxanthellae.

* Development growth in fishes and corals.

* Prevention of damage coral tissue.

* For all marine aquariums.


    1)Shake before use.

    2)Add weekly(5 ml) of  Deep Ocean Amino Acid Complex per (50 US,gal).

    3)When use Deep Ocean Amino Acid Complex turn off the protein skimmer for 20 min.

    4)If over dosage of  Amino Acid Complex is suspect substantial use activated carbon will quickly remove excess  Amino Acids .