Aiptasia Remover


* Aiptasia and Majano Anemone are considered pests in the marine aquarium hobby because they are stressful to coral around them, and occasionally even sting fish and desirable invertebrates. They can multiply quickly and with their potent sting they can dominate and overrun an aquarium.

* Deep Ocean aiptasia remover solution easily remove the aiptasia anemone. Shortly after injection the material cause the aiptasia to implode and destroyed the aiptasia and majano anemone. 

* Deep Ocean aiptasia remover solution treatment is completely reef-safe and any material not ingested by the Aiptasia and majano are harmless to sessile invertebrates. 

* Use pure USP and ACS grade.

* Highly accurate formulation.

* No effect on water chemistry and pH.

* Reef Safe.

* Easy to use.

* High-speed efficiency.

* Very easy and convenient injection. 


1)Shake before use.

2)Inject (0.5 - 1) ml of Deep Ocean Aiptasia Remover Solution into the Aiptasia anemone at its base with the included syringe.

3)After the drug out of the anemone in the form of micro-polymer solid and will be collected by the skimmer.