Trace Elements


* The organisms in marine aquarium systems use trace elements continuously. they variably  ingest, absorb, utilize. For corals, trace elements besides physiological roles also have an important role in the skeleton. Also zooxanthellae are in need of many trace elements. Some of the most important functions of trace elements, in particular of transition metals, are related to the regulation of metabolism by enzymes.

* Deep Ocean Trace Elements uses extra pure elements.

* Deep Ocean Trace Elements ideal for the growth and reproduction of marine life, elements are important for metabolic processes and pigment formation.

* Deep Ocean Trace Elements replaces biologically important trace minerals necessary to a healthy marine aquarium   Trace elements are depleted by natural biological processes or removed by biological Filtration, protein skimmer, activated carbon  ozone gas.

* Deep Ocean Trace Elements Helps facilitate enzymatic and photosynthetic reactions.

* Deep Ocean Trace Elements Replaces trace and minor elements.

* Deep Ocean Trace Elements Essential for propagation tanks.

* Intensive boost to your coral´s color and growth.

* For all marine aquariums.

* Free of nitrate & phosphate.

* Free of harmful chelators.


 The effect of some Trace Elements in sea water:

Iron: Redox system , Electron transport , Oxygen transport, Detoxification of active oxygen.

Manganese: Electron transport, Hydrogen transfer, Protein metabolism, RNA and DNA synthesis.

Cobalt: Synthesis vitamin B12, Essential for zooxanthellae.

Zinc: Hydrolysis of bicarbonate and protein in digestion, Energy and carbohydrate metabolism.

Boron: Stabilization of cell membrane, Improve performance and metabolism, Synthesis red pigments.

Selenium: Anti oxidants quenching of radicals.

Copper: Electron transport, Essential for zooxanthellae.

Chrome: Glucose tolerance factor for the proper function of insulin.

Fluorine: Hardening of bio minerals in coral skeleton, heavy metal complexation.

Iodide: Improved performance in photosynthesis, Additional neutralize active oxygen algae zooxanthella , Boosting pigments in corals.

Bromaide: Boosting pigments in corals and Synthesis pigments, Bromoform is produced by algae as repelling agent against epiphytes.

Molybdenum: Electron transport,  Avoid leaving tissue from coral skeletons.

Deep Ocean Trace minerals:

 Molybdenum, Cobalt, Barium, Boron, Nickel, Vanadium, Copper, Strontium, Fluoride, Bromide, Iron, Manganese, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Aluminum, Lithium, Carbonate and bicarbonate.


1)Shake before use.

2)Add weekly(5 ml) of Deep Ocean Trace Elements supplement per (50 US,gal).

3)Turnoff skimmer for 20 minute after use.

4)Also add immediately after carbon use or  water changes.