ٌWater conditioner


* Deep Ocean Water Conditioner Neutralizes Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate in all Freshwater & Marine Aquaria.

* Deep Ocean Water Conditioner helps detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines from your aquarium.

* Deep Ocean Water Conditioner Makes tap water safe for fresh and saltwater aquarium fish and invertebrates. 

* Deep Ocean Water Conditioner is Safe for all aquatic life.

* Deep Ocean Water Conditioner helps condition water by buffering tap water and adding electrolytes.

* Boosting layer of mucus on fish skin.

* For all marine & fresh water aquariums.

* Deep ocean water conditioner immediately binds iodine in the event of an over dose it is strongly recommended that hobbyists administering   lugol`s-type iodine supplements.

* Free of phosphate and silicate.

* Free of harmful chelators.


1)Shake before use.

2)Add (5ml) of Deep Ocean water Conditioner per (50 US,gal) tap water or chlorinated water (max 3ppm free Chlorine).

3) For neutralizes free Iodine or overdose logol`s solution add (5ml) of Deep Ocean Water conditioner per(30 US,gal)

Refrence: 5 ml of Water Conditioner per (50US,gal) can remove 6 ppm free chlorine and 3 ppm chloramine.