Multi Vitamins


* Vitamins are organic compounds that are very important in the metabolism of life in small quantities.

* Deep Ocean Multivitamin  is full nutritional supplement designed to stimulate the healthy growth of corals and fishes.

* Deep Ocean Multivitamin added essential vitamins and minerals for all reef inhabitants.

* Deep Ocean Multivitamin helps increase resistance to disease.

* Deep Ocean Multivitamin is Suitable for saltwater fishes and all marine organisms.

* Excellent nutrition for hermatypic corals,coloration and boosting zooxanthellae.

* For all marine and fresh water aquariums.

* Deep Ocean Multivitamin benefits: 

1)Increases coloration in both fishes and corals.

    2)Increased polyp extension in corals.

    3)Increased appetite in fishes and invertebrate.

    4)Aids in tissue repair after corals have undergone fragmenting and captive propagation. 

    5)Accelerate the recovery process during the treatment in a quarantine tank.


    1)Shake before use.

    2)Add weekly(5 ml) of Deep Ocean Multivitamin per (100 US,gal).

    3)When use Deep Ocean Multivitamin turn off the protein skimmer for 20 min.

    4)If over dosage of multivitamin is suspect substantial use activated carbon will quickly remove excess multivitamin.