Potassium Powder


* Potassium in the form of salts is essential to all life. as a cation (K+),potassium in the major intracellular fluid cation in cells, and is essential for nervous and circulatory system function.

* Potassium is responsible for most of the osmotic pressure in intracellular fluid, thus it is important in the structure and function of invertebrates as well as vertebrates potassium is also required by all algae.

* Deep Ocean Powder Potassium  uses pure Fcc grade potassium ion.

* Deep Ocean Powder Potassium provides the hobbyist with the last of the major ions in natural seawater.

* Deep Ocean Powder Potassium solution Provides potassium, an important component of aragonite.

* Deep Ocean Powder Potassium is excellent source of potassium for aragonite and coral skeleton.

* Deep Ocean Powder Potassium provides an ion much needed for coral skeleton so much like calcium, strontium and carbonates.

* Deep Ocean Powder Potassium supplement boosting blue color in LPS and SPS corals.

* We suggest targeting the natural seawater concentration of potassium ion (380-405 ppm).

* For all marine aquariums.

* Prevents deficiency symptoms of potassium ion.

* Free of nitrate & phosphate.

* Free of harmful chelators.


Basic: Dissolve 2.5 grams  of  Deep Ocean Coral Reef Potassium Powder per 20 US-gallons of aquarium water in 250 ml of fresh water; add every other day or as needed to maintain the Potassium concentration within a range of 380- 405 ppm.

Advanced: Create a stock solution by dissolving 20 grams of Deep Ocean Coral Reef Potassium Powder in 250 ml of fresh water (preferably purified) each ml of the solution will increase Potassium concentration [K+] in 1 US-gallon (3.785 L) of water by 11.09 ppm.

Reference: Each gram of Deep Ocean Coral Reef Potassium Powder will increase the [K+] in 1L of water by 524.41 ppm.