Alkaline Buffer 8.4


A chemical buffer system within a solution provides that solution with the ability to resist changes in pH. Sea water has a great capacity to absorb positively and negatively charged ions and still .maintain a stable pH

* Deep Ocean uses pure USP grade carbonate and bicarbonate source.

* Deep Ocean Liquid Carbonate Buffer 8.4 combats the common reef pH issues. Often times when raising calcium, magnesium and alkalinity levels pH can suffer.

* Deep Ocean Liquid Carbonate Buffer 8.4 excellent source of carbonate and bicarbonate for coral growing(Sps & Lps).

* Deep Ocean Liquid Carbonate Buffer 8.4 formulate for increasing alkalinity and stabilize pHof 8.4

* Helps increase pH Stability in aquarium by raising the alkalinity and carbonate .

* Intensive boost to your corals color and growth.

* For all marine aquariums.

* Free of nitrate & phosphate.


1) Check pH and alkalinity before use.

2) Add daily (5 ml) of Deep Ocean Liquid Carbonate Buffer 8.4 per(30 US,gal).

3) Check daily alkalinity and pH.

4) If your alkalinity is low too checking the magnesium and calcium levels.

5) If your calcium or magnesium is low,use the Deep Ocean calcium or magnesium supplements.

6) Best range for alkalinity is 8 dkh to 12 dkh(2.85 to 4.3 meq/l).

7) For better balance use the alkaline balance chart.

 8) Do not directly mix with any calcium, magnesium or strontium supplement.