KalkWasser Powder


* Kalkwasser  This will be used for daily dosing to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels as well as elevate the tanks ph .  Because this product does elevate the ph, it is important to dose slowly in small amounts.

* Coral Reef Kalkwasser +2 Ion Contains calcium, strontium, and magnesium in the same ionic ratios found in aragonite. 

* Provides temporary alkalinity and helps maintain ph within the desired range when used as directed.

* Coral Reef Kalkwaseer +2 Ion provides supplemental calcium and magnesium, strontium to reef inhabitants while promoting growth of purple, pink, and green calcareous algae. 

* Coral Reef Kalkwaseer +2 Ion provides supplemental calcium carbonate and calcium bicarbonate for hermatypic corals and reef  builders corals.

* Coral Reef Kalkwaseer +2 causes phosphate to precipitate out of solution as calcium phosphate making it biologically unavailable for algae.

* Coral Reef Kalkwaseer +2 Dramatic changes in ph can be reduced when Kalkwasser is slowly added at night when ph typically drops in the aquarium.

* Coral Reef Kalkwaseer +2 is best treatment for low Ph aquarium Due to increased carbon dioxide.

* Deep Ocean Kalkwasser uses USP and FCC grade ions.

* Free of Heavy metals (such as lead and arsenic).

* Free of nitrate and phosphate.

* Free of non conservative elements, such as chloride, to the aquarium.


Add 3 gram (a teaspoon) to 1 gallon of water and mix to dissolve. If using pure water, a fully saturated solution is prepared by adding 6 g (2 teaspoons) to (1 gallon). Drip this solution into tank . Monitor pH and carbonate alkalinity. Adjust rate of addition to maintain a stable ph (8.3 – 8.4).

* The best way to introduce Kalkwasser is as top off water for the aquarium. As pure water evaporates over time, adding the Kalkwasser solution will replenish the much needed calcium and ph buffer. ( use clear solution)

Caution: Calcium hydroxide is a caustic material; if inhaled, remove to fresh air, and in case of contact flush skin and/or eyes with fresh water for 15 minutes. Drink 500 ml fruit juice if swallowed and seek immediate medical attention.