* Iodide is the weakest oxidizer and the most metallic of the halogen elements for life. iodide has a strong biological role.

* Iodine is considered especially important in marine reef systems for many reason. It is found in coral skeletons at concentractions of about 8 mg/kg.

* Iodide has divers and varied redox  state, and it is present and activate in enzymes and hormones, the chemistry of iodide in marine life and in marine environment is very complex.

* Iodide at a dosage of 60 to 180 ppm for 8 minutes or so is also use for bacterial and fungal disinfection of fish eggs in quarantine tank.

* Deep Ocean uses pure USP concentrated grade iodide stable ions. formulate for hobbyist who want to maintain the utmost stable systems to provide optimum coral growth and health.

* Deep Ocean Safe form of iodide will not harm beneficial aquarium bacteria.

* Deep Ocean iodide is excellent nutrition for hermatypic corals, coloration and boosting zooxanthellae algae and prevention of coral bleaching.

* Deep Ocean recommends keeping levels of iodide to that of natural seawater (0.04 to 0.06ppm) Having iodide levels found in natural seawater available at  all times in  a form that is readily absorbed by corals and inverts allows for better reef health.

* Deep ocean iodide supplement solution cause invertebrate growing and boosting Invertebrates shells.

* Intensive boost to your coral´s color and growth.

* Prevention of damage coral tissue.

* Development growth in coralline algae.

* Prevention of goitre in fishes.

* For all marine aquariums.

 * Free of nitrate & phosphate.


1)Shake before use.

2)Add weekly(5 ml) of Deep Ocean iodide supplement per (50 US,gal).

3)For treatment corals in quarantine tank add (5 ml) per(1 US,gal) of aquarium water and place the coral for 10 min then return coral`s to main tank.

4)Do not overdose.

5)If over dosage of iodide element is suspect, substantial use activated carbon will quickly remove excess iodide.

Refrence: Each ml of  Deep Ocean Iodide Supplement Solution will increase the concentration of Iodide in 1 US-Gallon of water by approximently 0.31  ppm.

Refrence: 5 ml of  Deep Ocean Iodide Supplement Solution will increase the concentration of  Iodide in 50 US-Gallon of water by approximently 0.03  ppm.