* Magnesium is of great importance to marine aquarists however most aquarists are relatively unaware of this importance. Magnesium, by virtue of ion paring, is a major player in the chemical structure and activity of seawater. The presence of magnesium interferes with the precipitation of calcium carbonate and allows calcium and carbonate to maintain levels in seawater above their saturation points. in addition to ion paring, magnesium also poisons the development and growth of crystals of calcium carbonate, which considerably slows down the precipitation of calcium carbonate. Magnesium has a great effect on the buffering systems in seawater and levels much higher or much lower than that of natural seawater can cause things like calcium and alkalinity difficulties, caking and cementation of calcareous media, and rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate. At a salinity of 35 ppt under typical marine aquarium parameters, a normal magnesium level is about 1285 ppm, possibly varying between 1250 to 1350 ppm.

* Deep Ocean uses pure FCC grade Magnesium ion.

* Deep Ocean Magnesium provides an ion much needed for coral skeletons, much like calcium  strontium and carbonates. Unbeknownst to most hobbyists not only do stony corals use magnesium but fish bacteria and even coralline algae use bio-available magnesium.

* Deep Ocean Magnesium is a fully available magnesium available ion and much like Deep Ocean Calcium it dissolves crystal clear you know it’s available for your reef inhabitants.

* Intensive boost to your coral´s color and growth.

* For all marine aquariums.

* Prevents deficiency symptoms of Magnesium ion.

* Free of nitrate & phosphate.

* Free of harmful chelators.


1)Shake before use.

2)Add(5 ml) of Deep Ocean Magnesium  Supplement per(50 US,gal), this will raise the level by 5 ppm per day.


1- Determine the Magnesium concentration in the Aquarium using an accurate test kit before supplementing.

2- Calculate the amount of  potassium consumption during a week.

3-  According to the reference ، Add the required amount into the tank.

Refrence: Each ml of  Deep Ocean Magnesium Supplement Solution will increase the concentration of Magnesium in 1 US-Gallon of water by approximently 26.45  ppm.