Garlic Extract


* Deep Ocean Garlic extract made of fresh garlic.

* Deep Ocean Garlic extract is powerful antioxidant properties that can lessen free radical damage to live cells.

* Deep Ocean Garlic extract prevent of diseases fishes and boosting defense system and Increased appetite for fishes.

* Deep Ocean Garlic extract Enriched with vitamin c.

* Accelerate the recovery process during the treatment in a quarantine tank.

* Does not require refrigeration.

* Made of fresh garlic.

* Enriched with Vitamins and Specific and exclusive formulation.

* To stimulate the appetite of  bad food fish.

* Used in reef aquariums.

* Increase safety levels in fish.

* No formalin and antibiotics as preservatives.

* Use of vitamin C as a preservative.

* Marine and fresh water.


1)Shake before use.

2)A)Directly to aquarium: Add one drop of Deep Ocean Garlic extract per  (30 US,gal) of aquarium water every other day.

B)Fish dry food: Place food in a clean container such cup and add one drop of Deep Ocean Garlic extract to 3-5 grams dry food or fresh shrimp meat.